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My 1000 gifts

In September of 2011, I started writing out my gifts.

Gifts from the King of Kings.

This has caused me to think on the blessings that I have, rather than the things that can drag down and discourage me.

This page is going to be the home of that list, and please leave your link in the comments if you want to join me.

1000 gifts in 6 month, 5 gifts a day.

  1. a home to live in
  2. plenty of food that I can eat
  3. rain that falls and keeps the grass growing
  4. ever changing fall colors
  5. a husband that is there when I am feeling sad
  6. fall leaves that crunch under my feet
  7. a warm bed
  8. a gracious heavenly father who forgives
  9. friends that come up alongside and encourage
  10. New babies that are growing in so so many of my friends wombs.
  11. Jesus who dies for me
  12. a upcoming trip to AK to spend a week with my siblings
  13. a library where I can get so many interesting books for free
  14. Rusty who snuggles on my lap.
  15. new batteries for my 35mm camera.
  16. suprisingly warm fall days
  17. a long hose so we can have a car washing date
  18. a dog that actually kinda likes having a bath
  19. curly hair
  20. being able to choose what I want to eat when
  21. Safe flight to Alaska
  22. Spaghetti meals made by my mom
  23. mornings with the Word
  24. divine appointments with fellow sisters in Christ on airplanes
  25. fresh raspberries
  26. knowing that the gospel is the main thing
  27. being able to hear gospel teachers on the radio
  28. knowing that Jesus will come to execute judgement, and take the saints home
  29. seeing the fall color leaves and termination dust at the same time
  30. learning not to grumble
  31. pinterest for saving great articles
  32. unconditional love
  33. mercy – not giving me what I do deserve – hell
  34. great history books about WWII that show the people on the ground, not just the leaders
  35. photography
  36. gluten free pecan shortbread cookies
  37. evening sunshine
  38. chocolate with oranges
  39. family taco meals
  40. the ability to practice being patient with my family
  41. tea time to warm up
  42. a church here in Big Lake that has a body like a family
  43. courtney and jay
  44. people who want their photos taken
  45. funny books
  46. the fact that dana has a big bed so I can share with her
  47. sophie and takeeno
  48. colored socks
  49. lots of fall leaves floating in the air
  50. faithful commenters on my carlijean photography fb page
  51. a new(ish) cousin that I met yesterday, jed, he is one year old now
  52. peppermint tea with agave
  53. a new delicious gf pancake recipe that everyone liked
  54. knowing that even when I get upset, God forgives when I repent
  55. books
  56. ability to order pizza when I am cranky
  57. boxes and strong tape
  58. people who love our house
  59. Riley
  60. sleep
  61. getting up early
  62. coffee with yummy creamer
  63. food without gluten
  64. a hubs that forgives
  65. iPad
  66. Brigitte
  67. pandora stations
  68. new job at church
  69. people asking me to take photos
  70. Cheryl and Aaron
  71. my new lens
  72. a scentsy housewarming gift, with “welcome home” wax
  73. a new home!
  74. a home on a lake!!!!
  75. hardwood cabinets
  76. snow that keeps everything looking pristine
  77. a calendar that help me organize
  78. 6 dollar tank tops from tar-jay
  79. craisins
  80. having my harp again.
  81. having a job at FBF
  82. playing the keyboard on worship team
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  1. Sandy Mc Donald permalink
    November 21, 2011 2:14 am

    Thankfulness is something to be thankful for – especially when a mom sees that quality in her daughter! I love you and am grateful that the LORD has blessed me with you. XXOO

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