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September 8, 2011

I’m mah sicky today.

It’s not fun.

So, I decided that I would update everyone on stuff.  Mostly house and garden stuff… weeeeeell, I guess another update is today I am making beans for the first time.  I’ll tell you how that goes too!  Later though.

(right now, I feel like I am laying down on my left side, but I am sitting up.

fortunately for me, Rusty has FINALLY decided to take a nap, so he is here beside me softly snoring.

So, here are the photos, because that is my favorite way of telling how things are.  Words aren’t always my best friend.

Here are our new porch stairs!!  My last post was a photo of my Father-in-Law getting ready to saw off the ramp.  So much better, and our yard feels bigger.

Here is the ding dong Rusty. 😀

AAgain!  He is a pretty cute little guy!
BBeautiful Basil… MMmmmMM  I can smell it now!
A little banana pepper… These are delicious, great on salads and in tuna!
Here is another… can you find it!?
You can see the zucchini that is growing… the plant has decided (and rightly so) that there is no more room in the bed and is trailing down the side! 
Here is Rusty, eating a zucchini.  If I didn’t have so many, I would be rather perturbed, because he must have picked it off the plant himself!
Mooooooooore basil.  YUM.. I really need to dry it to use this winter!  Best 6 bucks I spent at Lowe’s EVER.Here is another view of the house, and a view of my sad little dried up garden.  I really do water the side that is in the sun, it has my new lettuce there. 🙂  And, more basil. 
We had a cement slab poured for our garage…and you can see the fenced in area on the left?  That is Rusty’s kennel/run that we got for FREE off of freecycle.  Check it out, you might get something good!
The pooch himself, again.
Here is sicky me.  I was leaning against the garage, because I just couldn’t walk anymore.  OOOOOOoooh the pain.  Oooooh the anguish…OooOOooo.  ok.  I think you get it.
In this photo, you can see where there is a branch missing from the tree….yesh, it fell on our house/porch.  Fortunately all that happened was our gutter was a little damaged, along with the white porch wall/railing/fence.
Ok, for my mother, and Morgan I think, Here are some photos with curtains up.  It is so nice having privacy!  Who would have thought. 😛
This is what happens when I am not paying attention and I don’t see Rusty for a while… really I should buy stock in toilet paper with the amount we go through, because he eats it up or trashes the roll so bad, you wouldn’t be able to wipe with it!  
I am pretty sure this is him gagging.  On toilet paper.  Yuck.
Morgan, here is the shower curtain turned window drape!!  I got this curtain for 10 dollars at Kohl’s it was 75% off or something like that.  Best way to go.  The bathroom is in the process of being painted, but I will show it to you all soon.  This is the same color as our kitchen.  We are working on making our way to a two toned home…with white trim.
And last but not least, the curtains in our room….
Until next time….
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  1. September 8, 2011 6:30 pm

    The pictures of Rusty & descriptions of what he is doing crack me up. What a cute little mischief maker!! Great pictures, as always!

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