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Oh little blog…

August 18, 2011

… sorry for neglecting you.  Your sister and pinterest have drawn me away from you.  I have been finding lots of NEAT things though!  Lemme show you, ok?

I made this sauce… it was yummy, next time a little less sauce.

EDIT:  a little less sauce?  really, Carli?  a little less sugar.

Delicious… I love this quinoa dessert!  I made it with coconut and soy milk,  and it was marvelous.

I made this with a few modifications, zucchini in the meatballs instead of breadcrumbs… perfect!

These lemon bars look divine.

zuppa toscana

Joe loves this soup from Olive Garden, and I am going to HAVE to try and make it so I can eat it.

Isn’t this a neat idea?  I really want to do this… and maybe something about CA, which is where we met.  Maybe something about ND, too.

This would be the cutest decoration for a valentines party, or a little girls room.

I made a scarf like this from a tank top that I had since my first year of college, and a tshirt from highschool…. good memories in a scarf!

“Beneath the clothes, are the man. And beneath the man is.. his… nucleus.”

This just made me laugh.  Oh Nacho Libre.

This is just the neatest thing!  Especially in those clear waters… *sigh*

This just fits me… infact I have worn my hair like this before.


So you see, between my new photography business and the dog and the house and the dishes, you get a little left behind, but don’t worry.  I haven’t forgotten you.


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