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Smoothie time…

May 6, 2010

Every morning!

Since I have some posts on the food that we eat here in our wheat, dairy, and yeast free meals,

I thought that I would share the fruit smoothie that we make everyday.

This is the one that I made yesterday…you can click for larger photos.




Get blender ready and put in one or two bananas:~


Add Mango (or peaches or blueberries, or your choice of fruit)

I think that I put in about 12 chunks.

We buy our big bag of strawberries at Wal-Mart,

but I know they can be bought at Sam’s as well.

Here is the fruit used in this morning’s edition.




Put in Strawberries.

When I counted this morning I put in 8.


Add juice.

(I used Welch’s Strawberry breeze for this demonstration,

but this morning I used several types because each container only had a little bit…

What was left of Strawberry Breeze, Berry Passionfruit, and some Orange.)

yummy yummy!

fill about 1/2/-2/3 full



Blend away!  I use the slow setting first, and then go to high once most of the chunks are gone.


This time, I had to add more juice because it was too thick.



All Done.



Feel free to experiment,

I love adding blanched almonds or pecans,

peaches, blueberries, raspberries…sometimes even a teaspoon of vanilla.

Just give it a whirl!


I would like to thank my brother Tyler for this blender, it was a  great birthday present!  Love you!

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  1. May 10, 2010 3:24 pm

    Hi Carli,
    Thank you! I’m very excited =) It’s neat that you went through all of this so recently. I’m curious what the cost of silk flowers was for you (per stem, and roughly per bouquet). They’ve turned out to be quite expensive in Dubai and I’m thinking of either buying silk in the states this summer or just getting fresh flowers here. Yours turned out beautifully!


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