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…oh how the days fly…

November 18, 2009

seems like it was only a few days ago that Joe was here in Alaska, spending time with me and my family, and asking my to become his wife, but in reality it was almost 6 weeks ago, and we are getting married in less than four months.

Date: done

Place: done – my church Faith Bible Fellowship…. awww.. and all of church is invited. 🙂

Dress: done – no picture or link… if you wanna see it, email me!

Bridesmaids: Done, and will be purchased from the same dress shop I got my dress at… in a lovely espresso…. chocolately… 🙂

Colors: done – seen in a previous post.

musicians: half done (ahem Brigitte)

Planning sessions: Check!  And more to come.. Pandemonium was so fun with girls last week. 🙂  Esther and Ashley Zimmerman and Brianne Conn and I all got together and Ashley and I dished about our big days, respectively.  I would have to say she is much more prepared than I am at this point in time. 🙂  I’m catching up though, much to the demise of my studies. 🙂

Menu: underway… delish!  I can’t wait to decide on the cake….

Lodging:  Looking at a B&B for family to stay in… the outside is a beautiful natural wood, wouldn’t you agree?   The owner goes to our church so they are going to give us a deal, as long as there are enough out of towner’s that come.. 🙂

I do love Alaska… 🙂

But North Dakota will be wonderful with Joe… AND my sister is in the same town I am moving too.. God is so good.

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