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March 5, 2014
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The Music of the Night

September 30, 2011

Why is it a secret? You promised! – The Phantom Of The Opera

We are having a rare Thursday night movie night with a DVD from the library, and it is truly a treat to be watching a musical with almost all my siblings! Even the brothers.





One step closer to braces

September 29, 2011

Trip into wasilla to get spacers for the infamous braces.20110929-130744.jpg


Only me…

September 27, 2011


I just had to share,
I am the only one here! I even got to change the channel in the tv to America’s next top model with no complaints! 🙂

Good morning and goodbye Bismarck!

September 27, 2011


I have a lovely view this morning as I wait for my flight that will be taking me to Anchorage this morning! I am looking forward to seeing my family and everyone, but sad to be leaving Joe at home. Good thing I made him bunch of personal size lasagnas before I left. That should fill the whole left from me being gone. 🙂

If you think about it, please pray for my friend Brigitte… She is several days overdue with little Rose and is ready to be holding her in in her arms.

What are you looking forward for today?

North to Alaska!

September 23, 2011

Anyone one else see that John Wayne movie?  I just love it, but that is the reality for me on Tuesday!  I am going to be heading up to AK to spend some time with my siblings while my parents go on a business trip.

It should be a great time, and if you are looking for new family pictures this fall, I would love to talk to you about that!

Right now what I am thinking about is:

  • Making Granola

  • developing the film from my old camera, I just went and bought batteries… and I don’t know how long this roll of film has been in there!

  • Loving on Rusty and Joey Joey and Rusty before I leave.

This photo is from the day before our 1 year anniversary.

Horrible photo of where Rusty is RIGHT now.

  • Deciding what type of pizza I am going to make for dinner.  YUM!

This one is looking really really yummy!
Thai chicken pizza.  Who could say no!
Love to all, and if you want photos please let me know!  I’ll email you the details if you leave me a comment. 😛
Sneaky way of getting comments. 🙂

My Heart is filled with Thankfulness

September 21, 2011

1000 Gifts – My Thankfulness List

Lately, I have been apt to be discouraged in my heart for no apparent reason, and to combat this, I want to record things that I am grateful for.

1000 gifts in 6 months, which comes out to 5 gifts a day.

Nothing is too small or too large, everything is a gift from the Father above.

James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above,

coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,

who does not change like shifting shadows.

What a blessing to know that even though our days may be ever changing, our Father never changes.

  1. a home to live in
  2. plenty of food that I can eat
  3. rain that falls and keeps the grass growing
  4. ever changing fall colors
  5. a husband that is there when I am feeling sad


What are somethings you are grateful for?